PhotoSoc Exec Recruitment 21/22

Open Roles

• President • Vice President • Treasurer

• Darkroom Manager

• Training Manager (x2)

• Equipment Manager (x2)

• Outreach Manager

• Community Manager

• Social Media Manager

• Design and Branding Manager


REQUIREMENTS: - You must have a PhotoSoc membership to run for a position

- Deadline for applications is the 16th of March 2021, 12pm GMT. - Shortlisted applicants will be invited for a panel interview with current execs.

- For questions please email


PRESIDENT The President’s role is essentially to be the figurehead of the society for the Exec, the members and the SU. The role is to oversee the entire society and to set the overall tone and direction of PhotoSoc. You'll be responsible for discussing each and every aspect of the society’s activity to make sure everything runs cohesively, checking and responding to emails, and communicating with the Students’ Union. You should be the glue that holds everything together. An understanding of how society and the SU functions are not essential but really helpful.

VICE PRESIDENT The Vice President's job is to assist the president in sharing their responsibilities. Vice President is the third eye of the society that helps to keep it united, keeps the execs alive and active, assist in keeping track of ongoing projects, organises regular exec meetings and takes the role of a president when the latter cannot do so.

TREASURER The treasurer is in charge of three things: the annual budget application, applying for sponsorship and managing our accounts and purchases eg equipment. This position may be less demanding compared to other positions but we are looking for individuals who are willing to propose new ideas in fundraising opportunities and sponsorships! Common sense is more important than mathematical knowhow, but most importantly you've got to be trustworthy and reliable.

DARKROOM MANAGER The Darkroom Manager will be in charge of PhotoSoc's darkroom on campus. This requires making sure all equipment is looked after and working, keeping track of chemicals and paper for training as well as running the training sessions (if COVID-19 situation eases by the 21/22 academic year). Usually, they happen once a week (on developing and printing). Training sessions and other sessions, allowing members to use the darkroom, can be time consuming so you’ll have to be dedicated and reliable, and be friendly, patient and approachable during training sessions. Preferably we are looking for an individual with darkroom experience, but we will also consider keen and passionate applicants!

TRAINING MANAGER PhotoSoc's Training Manager has the duty of teaching members everything they need/want to know about photography. The role consists of organising training sessions around once a week, which cater to beginners as well as professionals. These range from "Introduction to Photoshop" to "Street Photography" and "Making Money from Photography". Training sessions benefit from being both theoretical (in the form of a lecture) and practical (workshops and walkabouts). Note that the Training Manager can also organise sessions delivered by other members of exec or can work with the outreach manager in bringing in external speakers and photographers.


The outreach manager will work closely with the President and Training Manager to bring in engaging speakers, photographers and individuals within the photography industry to organise captivating and helpful sessions for the photography community in Warwick. We are looking for an organised individual with good communication skills and happy to write and keep track of emails! The outreach manager will also work with the community manager in strategising ways of growing and maintaining the PhotoSoc community - that means thinking of new strategies to attract new members, add benefit to current members and engage directly with the community to keep it active!

EQUIPMENT MANAGER If there’s one thing you absolutely need to take a photo; it’s a camera. As Equipment Manager you need to organize all of PhotoSoc’s numerous cameras and lenses, and multiple accessories, ensuring that members can borrow kit when they need it. Being highly organized is key here, as you will need to respond to messages asking to borrow equipment. You also need to work with the Training Manager to ensure that any practical sessions are properly kitted out. We are looking for individuals who are proficient and experienced with photography equipment but will also consider keen and passionate applicants!

COMMUNITY MANAGER Photography is a very sociable hobby and PhotoSoc knows that. As Social Secretary, you would be responsible for organizing a wide variety of socializing events around once a week and ensuring their smooth (and safe!) running. You have to make sure the socials are varied so that everyone feels included; some people don't drink, and some people even live in Coventry, so a bar crawl in Leamington every week won't cut it. All it boils down to is that it's your job to keep people happy and inspire everyone to get involved, and how you choose to do that is up to you. This individual will also be in charge with communicating with the Photography community in Warwick through email marketing, community-building strategies and thinking of new ways to add value to the PhotoSoc members. With the COVID-19 situation, we're looking for individuals who can propose some cool and creative ideas in bringing the photography community together, assuming that social distancing will still be expected in 21/22.

SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGER The Social Media Manager has two main jobs: check and answer enquiries and do all the social media publicity (posting events, showcasing behind the scenes and etc). Don't worry though, it's more fun than it sounds! It involves communicating with all the other Exec members, helping keep track of what's going on across the Society. (Open to also those going on a year abroad or similar)


The main aim of PhotoSoc is to bring in like-minded individuals together and foster the hobby of photography to the Warwick student body. We believe that having a strong brand identity helps bring this aim to life! As the D&B manager, you will be in charge of creating graphic and visual social media content for the society, manage our Wix site and making sure the look-and-feel of the society is on brand! This is really great experience for people who would like to put their PhotoShop skills to practice (and for you to put this on your CV!) We would also like to keep the PhotoBook a yearly affair so the D&B manager will be in charge of designing the photobook competition.

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